This holiday home is for the discerning buyer, who is seeking and understands quality.

Quality in décor, furniture, fittings, appliances, entertainment systems, bedding & linen, and crockery is what is being offered.

Satisfaction is about being satisfied that you and your family are able to enjoy this very special magical environment of Lake Eildon in style and comfort.

Satisfaction was extensively renovated in 2011 with the maintenance in keeping with the standards you would expect from a holiday home of this quality.

Satisfaction has the latest in electrical & solar technology. If something should malfunction your local qualified electrician is remotely notified; no hassles built in.

Satisfaction is about you and your family enjoying quality times together on magical Lake Eildon.

Satisfaction is priced to sell.


  • Price: $775,000 
  • Reg # and GMW CB#: PS689 CB1917 
  • Location: Eildon Boat Club 
  • Size / GMW Category: 45 x 20ft Cat 6 
  • Accommodation: 4 BR sleeps 9+ 
  • Motor: Yanmar 6 cyl turbo diesel 
  • Generator: Onan 19kva Marine Gen Set 
  • Inverter: Selectronic SP Pro Series  
  • Solar Panels: 9 lge 
  • Built: 2000 + Major Renovation 2011 by Status Luxury Houseboats  
  • Slipped: 2011 
  • Other: Floor heating throughout; New blinds throughout. 

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